Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sleek I Divine Palette in Storm

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Hello Everyone!

Today, I am going to be review a palette that I have been adoring lately. It is the Sleek I Divine Palette in Storm. I got this palette in an international trade with Jade from a Style Socialite. Go check out her blog or youtube channel. This palette has started to become one of my favorites. I really wish we had Sleek products in the States because they are such high quality for a drugstore brand. You can get it online for around 10 dollars however, I have checked out their facebook page and a lot of people had issues with shipping which makes me a little nervous to order off line.

The packaging is very nice and not cheap feeling at all. It is an all black case with a huge mirror inside. The mirror is my favorite part of the packaging because it is great for traveling. It is also very skinny which makes it great for throwing in my purse. I throw it in and out of my bag all the time and it has yet to break so its going strong.

This palette comes with three matte shades (a nude, a medium brown and a black) and nine shimmery shades ( a highlight color, a light brown, a dark brown, a light blue, a dark green, a navy blue, a gold, a rose pink and a dark rose brown color).  They do not have names which bothers me a little but it's not that big of a deal. The colors are amazing for everything from an everyday look to a smokey eye to a pop of color. It is extremely versatile. The top row is great for everyday make up looks while the bottom offers more dramatic colors for smokey eyes or pop of color looks.

The quality of the shadows is really amazing as well. They are extremely pigmented and very easily blendable.  The shimmery colors are a bit more pigmented than the matte ones but the matte ones are still very nice. I wear these without a primer all the time with maybe a little bit on concealer on my lid and they tend to last me all day. Occasionally they will start creasing by the end of the day but this is only if I am wearing them for around 9-10 hours.

Here is a look I did a few days ago using this palette. I used #1 matte nude all over my lid, #2 shimmery brown in the outer corner, #3 dark rose brown in the crease and #4 a highlight color in the inner corner and a little on the brow bone.

For a palette that costs only around 10 dollars, this palette is amazing. The quality alone can be one of a higher end brand. The packaging is great, the mirror is great and all the shadows are great. If you can get your hands on it, I highly recommend it!

What palette have you been loving?
Lots of Love,
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  1. This is such a lovely palette and I love the look you created! <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. Nice make up, as always :)


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