Tuesday, May 28, 2013

NOTD May 28th 2013: CoverGirl Outlast Glosstinis

Hi Guys!
I have found the absolute perfect summer nail polish! I know you're probably sitting there thinking "hmm okay Rena I don't think so.." But I think this color is amazing and is going to be on my nails all summer. It is Covergirl Outlast Glosstinis in Bahama Mama

It is this perfect corally shimmery pink color! I think it is going to look even nicer than it does now when I get tan. Also it hasn't chipped yet which is amazing because my nail polish normally doesn't last longer than a few hours. I tend to pick them all off once one of them chips and they are still going strong!

I think the packaging is really nice too! It is actually a really tiny bottle but I don't think you can tell in the pictures. I like it because it was easy to throw in my purse and bring to work. It was only $1.99 at CVS. The brush was a good size; it took me three brush strokes a nail. Also you don't really need to do two coats with this nail polish. I did it anyways but it really looks nice with only one too!

Overall, I am very happy with this polish! I think the color is great, the last is going strong and the brush was lovely. I am going to be trying more Covergirl nail polishes in the near future so be ready for it! 
What do you think of it? What colors are you loving for the summer?! 
lots of love

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Absolute Favorite Necklaces

Hi Guys! 
Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Sorry it has been a few days since I blogged but I work as a lifeguard so all the pools opened up this weekend meaning I've been cleaning them and making sure they are ready and all that fun stuff ( just kidding it's really not fun at all).
Today I decided that I wanted to share with you with favorite three statement necklaces. I adore necklaces and I feel like they complete every outfit. I have so many that picking three was really hard but  I managed to do it. All my favorite ones happen to be from Francesca's. Francesca's has all the best jewelry! 
Here they are:
This one is probably my all time favorite. Teal is my favorite color and when I saw this necklace I just had to get it. I love how the teal stones are set in gold. I think that color combination is just perfect. I love wearing it with nudes and whites. It is a great pop of color. 

Here I am wearing it on New Years as a pop of color with a nude/gold top and black skirt. 


I love this one because I feel like it is so classy but with a little twist. I wear this necklace when I am wearing my pearl earrings. I think it is simple but really unique at the same time. 

Here I am wearing it at University with a white tank, jeans and cute little Steve Madden boat shoes. 


I actually just got this one this month so I don't have any pictures of me actually wearing it but I am in love with it! I think it is the coolest piece of jewelry that I own. It kind of makes me think of the 20's and 50's. I'm really excited to actually wear and I'll be sure to do an outfit of the day for it!

What's your favorite type of jewelry? Do you own any statement necklaces? 
Lots of Love
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

FOTD May 22nd 2013

Hi Guys!

So today I decided to do my first ever just Face Of The Day. These are some of my favorite posts to read. I loving seeing what people use on a everyday basics and for special occasions. I have been obsessing over all the Prom make up lately! It is just so exciting. So here I go! 

On my Face : 
Rimmel Wake me Up Concealer in Classic Biege 
Bare Minerals Original in Medium Beige 
Sephora Baked Bronzer Duo in Honey Heat 
Elf Blush in Twinkle Pink
Benefit Watt's Up! Highligher in Soft Focus ( sample size)

On My Eyes: 
Lisi Brow Perfector in Medium Dark 
Tarte Beauty and the Box in Secret Garden ( I used Sprout, Fern and Vine)
Rimmel ScandalEYES in 002 Sparkling Black
Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner in Intense Black 
Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express Mascara in Blackest Black

On my Lips: 
Just a little bit of chapstick 

Out of all these products I have been especially loving the Tarte Beauty and the Box. I am going to do a review on it soon! Also I adore the Sephora Baked Bronzer Duo. I love how it has two colors in it so I can use the same bronzer year round!

Also I hear that Google is taking away the reader soon... so sad! However I am on Bloglovin' so be sure to follow me there! 

What are you favorite type of posts to read?

Lots of Love,

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tarte Clay Eyeliner in Plum

Hi Guys! 
So recently i did a little mall haul and one of the items I bought was a Tarte Clay liner in Plum. I absolutely love it! It was $24.00 but so worth it. It comes with a two sided eye liner brush for free which by itself sells for $22.00 so I think it's a complete steal!

The color is this beautiful deep purple with a little bit of shimmer. Personally, I think this color does amazing things to brown eyes! I feel like it really just makes them pop. However, it would look amazing on any eye color. 

It is really easy to use. I hate having gel liners that are just too thick. This one goes easily on the brush and easily from the brush to the eye lid. It has started to become my everyday eyeliner just because it looks good all by itself! Just a little bit on the top  of the lid with a wing, a little underneath and mascara and I'm ready to go. It is also very highly pigmented and lasts all day! I can not think of one thing I don't love about it.

This is my first ever Tarte product and I'm so happy with it! I honestly can't wait to try more of their items. Also I really want the Mocha Clay liner too. It is next on my list!
Have you tried any Tarte products? Any you would recommend?
Lots of Love, 
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Thursday, May 16, 2013

A little bit of a mall haul

Hi Guys!
So yesterday was payday! Payday is always my favorite because I can treat myself to a little bit of new stuff after putting a large sum into savings. I headed to the mall with one of my friends and this is what I ended up with! 

From Lush: I got myself the biggest bottle of Fair Trade Honey Shampoo. I actually bought the smallest size last month to try it and I love it! I ran out of it on Monday and I just had to get more. It is $29.95 which is a little pricey but it is worth it. It has the absolutely best smell ever, honey (I think the name might give it away). It also weighs down my hair which is something I really need!

From Sephora: I am addicted to Sephora, the amount of reward points I have is a little bit embarrassing! This time I went for the Tarte counter. I haven't tried any Tarte products before but I have heard good things about it and all their products are completely natural! That's a total plus. I settled for a Tarte clay liner in plum for $24.00 and a Tarte Beaty box in secret garden for $22.00. I am super excited to review both of them! I am actually wearing the clay liner right now :)

From Blue Sky: I got this really cute top for $34.00.  It's teal and lacy which is two of my most favorite things for clothing to be! It is going to make the perfect going out shirt for the summer! I think I'm going to wear it with either high waisted shorts or jeans and heels. I will be sure to do an OOTD when i wear it. 
Have you guys bought anything lately?! 
Lots of Love
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Rimmel BB Cream Review

Hi Guys! 

So today I decided to review Rimmel's BB Cream. Summer is coming up and I wanted to a find a lighter alternative with sunscreen it because I work at an outdoor pool and foundation can get to heavy in the heat. I've hear good things about BB creams and when I saw that Rimmel (we all know my love for Rimmel) had one, I wanted to try it!

It comes in a lotion looking bottle and in three shades, light, medium and medium/dark and I got the medium. Personally I think it should come in more colors because it's not fair to dark skin tones that they don't have anything darker than medium/dark. It is nine in one and is suppose to prime, moisturize, minimizes pores, conceal, cover, smooth, mattify, brighten and help protect all at one time. Let me start by saying it might do like two of the nine and I'm extremely disappointed in this product. 

This BB cream is extremely thick. I feel like I'm putting on SPF 90 sunscreen on my face. It is hard to spread out evenly and tends to cake. After about 5 minutes of spreading it, I managed to get it to look somewhat even and then I noticed that it make parts of my skin look orangey. I had a few dry spots from my acne cream ( I had a bad break out) and instead of covering those it highlighted them. Also Jersey is an extremely humid state and the moment I stepped outside I felt it basically become sticky and start running. After that I had enough I was not going to be wearing a BB cream that made me feel sticky at an outdoor pool all summer. I went to take it off and now because it was sticky, it took me about 10 minutes, 2 make up remover towelettes and a nice face wash. It doesn't even take me that long to remove a full face of going out make up. 

I've tried it one more time since and got basically the same results. It wasn't as humid that day so it didn't get sticky however I noticed at after a few hours it got flakey and really dry. I would not repurchase this product again, honestly I am not going to finish the reminder of this product. I'm really upset I didn't like it because it is Rimmel and Rimmel doesn't normally disappoint me. 

Have you guys tried any BB creams? Any you would recommend? 

Lots of Love!

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Liebster Award!

Hi Guys!
I want to start this out by saying thank you to Zoe from The Caribbean Flower  and Parie from Class and Glitter for nominating me for this award and if you haven't checked out their blogs yet, you should! They are both  amazing :)

The way this award work is a chain effect. A beauty blogger gets nominated and then nominated 11 others. They ask you 11 questions which you answer in your post and you add 11 facts about yourself. (However I am not going to post the 11 facts because I am answering two sets of questions and I don't want this to be too long!) You then pick 11 lovely beauty bloggers and ask them 11 questions you come up with! 

Here are the 11 questions Zoe asked me:

1.What's your favorite make up brand?
For a higher end make up, I'd have to go with Benefit

2. If you could be an animal for a day, which one would you be and why?
I'd be a dolphin because I love swimming and dolphins just seem to have so much fun in the water. 

3. Favorite book?
I really liked The Perks of Being a Wallflower and I have always been a big fan of all the Harry Potter books.

4. If you were stuck on an island and could only have three objects, what would those be?
This is a hard one! I'd have to say sunscreen, water and a library :)

5. Makeup product you cannot live without. 
Mascara!! I feel like no look is complete without it!

6. Favorite Band?
I am a huge fan of One Direction; they are just so charming! I also really love Maroon 5.

7. Name a song that makes you feel nostalgic. 
This is a hard one too! umm probably Stuck like Glue by Sugarland

8. Jeans or Skirts?
Jeans! American Eagle jeans are my favorite things in the world.

9. What are your plans for the summer?
I am working a lot unfortunately but on a bright side I'm going to California at the end of July for Vidcon

10.  Scary movies or Comedy movies?
Comedy! Nothing like a good romantic comedy on a  friday night :)

11. Did you have a good day yesterday? 
I think so! I am a little stressed over finals and exams but I went shopping yesterday and hung out with my friends!

 Here are 11 questions Parie asked me: 

1. What is your guilty pleasure food?
Chocolate! If i get a chocolate craving people need to watch out because I will find some somewhere!

2. If you had to leave the house in a hurry, what one thing would you grab?
My iPhone. I am addicted to it and i can't stop playing candy crush!

3. Do you have any favorite Youtuber's?
I have about 50 favorite youtubers.. but some of my top are probably Pointlessblog, Marcus Butler, Jacksgap, FunforLouis, Sam Pepper, Zoella, Jenna Marbles, Alex Goot, Sprinkle of Glitter...just to have a few :) 

4. What is your favorite season?
I have to say fall because I love being able to wear boots and a sweater and be comfortable and the leaves are always so pretty!

5.  How would you describe your everyday style? 
Well I am a lifeguard so mostly lazy, all I wear is tee shirts and shorts. However when i actually try I think I'm a good mix between preppy and edgy with a little splash of bold

6. What is your favorite drugstore brand?
Rimmel! I love the foundations, mascaras, nail polishes, eyeliners, basically I love it all.

7.  Curly or straight hair?
I have the curliest hair in the world and as much of a pain as it is... I love it!! 

8. Favorite restaurant?
There is this sushi place by me called Sushi King and I adore it! 

9. How do you relax
I love reading to relax or watching Netflix for hours.

10. Blazers or Leather jackets?
I am all about the leather jackets!

11. Do you own any apple products? 
I surely do! I have a Macbook Pro, an iPhone, an iPhone touch and I really want an iPad mini!

11 Questions I am asking: 
1.  What is your favorite style of sunglasses?
2. Favorite candy?
3. What is your favorite eyeshadow palette?
4. Flats or Heels?
5. What is your favorite dessert?
6. What is your favorite movie?
7. If you had to give up one or the other, what would you give up, Jeans or Skirts?
8. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
9. Place you most want to visit?
10. What is your favorite lipstick color?
11. What is your favorite type of jewelry?

The 11 bloggers I nominate are: 

Kelly Ann











Lots of Love, 

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

OOTD May 4th 2013

Hi Guys!

So I know it's May 9th and this OOTD is from May 4th but I had my friend take the pictures with her big nice fancy camera and it took her a few days to email them to me! Her camera takes amazing quality pictures and I'm so happy with them. May 4th was a beautiful Saturday here in Jersey and I spend the day running errands and just hanging out. 

Here is my outfit! 

I'm wearing: 

Flowy orange and white top from Francesca's ($ 34.00)
Gray skirt from Forever 21 ($9.95)
DbDk Fashion Boots from Pink Basic dot com ($34.99)
White watch from Francesca's ($28.00)
Black Tights from Nine West ($9.95) 
Gray cheetah bracelet from Francesca's ($22.00)

Hope you all are enjoying the wonderful weather! :) 

 Lots of love,

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Mini Elf Haul

Hi Guys! 
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! The weekend is never long enough. Yesterday, I stopped in Target to pick up a few things for my Mom. I can not go to Target without looking in the make up section! It is right in the front and I just can not help it. Normally I just browse and leave empty handed but yesterday something caught my attention. Target had a whole wall of Elf products! I really enjoy Elf eyeshadow palettes which I normally get from TJ Maxx so I was instantly interested. I started looking at the products when I noticed the prices. The top 3 rows were all only a dollar each!! My mouth dropped right opened and I knew I had to grab a few things.
After standing there for about fifteen minutes I decided to go with two brushes, an eyebrow kit and a pretty pink blush. Here they are! I can not wait to try them all out and let you know how they are :) 
Eyebrow Kit : 



Have you found any real cheap great products lately?! Have you tried any of these?
Lots of Love
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