Hello World!

My name is Rena, I'm a 20 year old university student with big dreams and a love for tea, peacocks, make up, and fashion. I've found myself in a time in my life where a creative outlet is hard to find and that's why I've started this blog!
 I like to think of myself as a little mix of everything. I can be girly, edgy, classic and just about everything in between. I am a tall girl at 5 foot 10 but that will not stop me from rocking a heel. My style changes as I grow and as I am able to explore. However, make up is my choice of drug. I love everything about it from foundation to mascara to lipstick. I tend to go through phases of favoring a certain product or brand (right now I love lipsticks!) Experimenting with different looks is something I enjoy and hopefully it will be something you enjoy watching me do. In this blog, I am going to share what I love, what I dislike, what I am trying out, DIYs, quotes I love and so much more. 
So welcome and fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride I like to call my life


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    1. aw thats so nice of you! thank you!! xx

  2. Hey! You're from New Jersey, too! I thought that was interesting, I haven't seen a blogger other than myself that's from Jersey XD You have a cute blog :D!


    1. thanks so much! and yes i am :) xx

  3. Hi! Im from Puerto Rico and im a rookie in blogspot
    my blog is versace-of-curvy.blogspot.com
    BTW love your blog

  4. Wow you could really become a serious model! Your cheek bones are incredible!


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