Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bassnectar Concert

Hi Guys!
So on May 1st, I went to a Bassnectar concert at the Electric Factory in Philly. It was insane! Bassnectar is a Dubstep DJ for any of you who didn't know and it was basically a huge neon backlight rave! I went with one of my best friends Sam ( I got her the tickets for her birthday!). 
For concerts like this, you dress a little crazy and wear a little crazy make up so I decided to become a flower power child for it! Here are some pictures :)

Flower Power ( I'm corny I know)

  Sam and Myself
After the concert, my ears were bleeding just kidding not really but it did take sometime before I can hear normal again. We were starving afterwards and decided to get some IHOP! I went with the red velvet pancakes and let me tell you they did not disappoint. They were delicious. 
Have you been to any concerts lately? If so, which ones?! 
lots of love,
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  1. That makeup is so cute and creative! I love it! Props to you Ree! :)

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