Monday, May 13, 2013

Liebster Award!

Hi Guys!
I want to start this out by saying thank you to Zoe from The Caribbean Flower  and Parie from Class and Glitter for nominating me for this award and if you haven't checked out their blogs yet, you should! They are both  amazing :)

The way this award work is a chain effect. A beauty blogger gets nominated and then nominated 11 others. They ask you 11 questions which you answer in your post and you add 11 facts about yourself. (However I am not going to post the 11 facts because I am answering two sets of questions and I don't want this to be too long!) You then pick 11 lovely beauty bloggers and ask them 11 questions you come up with! 

Here are the 11 questions Zoe asked me:

1.What's your favorite make up brand?
For a higher end make up, I'd have to go with Benefit

2. If you could be an animal for a day, which one would you be and why?
I'd be a dolphin because I love swimming and dolphins just seem to have so much fun in the water. 

3. Favorite book?
I really liked The Perks of Being a Wallflower and I have always been a big fan of all the Harry Potter books.

4. If you were stuck on an island and could only have three objects, what would those be?
This is a hard one! I'd have to say sunscreen, water and a library :)

5. Makeup product you cannot live without. 
Mascara!! I feel like no look is complete without it!

6. Favorite Band?
I am a huge fan of One Direction; they are just so charming! I also really love Maroon 5.

7. Name a song that makes you feel nostalgic. 
This is a hard one too! umm probably Stuck like Glue by Sugarland

8. Jeans or Skirts?
Jeans! American Eagle jeans are my favorite things in the world.

9. What are your plans for the summer?
I am working a lot unfortunately but on a bright side I'm going to California at the end of July for Vidcon

10.  Scary movies or Comedy movies?
Comedy! Nothing like a good romantic comedy on a  friday night :)

11. Did you have a good day yesterday? 
I think so! I am a little stressed over finals and exams but I went shopping yesterday and hung out with my friends!

 Here are 11 questions Parie asked me: 

1. What is your guilty pleasure food?
Chocolate! If i get a chocolate craving people need to watch out because I will find some somewhere!

2. If you had to leave the house in a hurry, what one thing would you grab?
My iPhone. I am addicted to it and i can't stop playing candy crush!

3. Do you have any favorite Youtuber's?
I have about 50 favorite youtubers.. but some of my top are probably Pointlessblog, Marcus Butler, Jacksgap, FunforLouis, Sam Pepper, Zoella, Jenna Marbles, Alex Goot, Sprinkle of Glitter...just to have a few :) 

4. What is your favorite season?
I have to say fall because I love being able to wear boots and a sweater and be comfortable and the leaves are always so pretty!

5.  How would you describe your everyday style? 
Well I am a lifeguard so mostly lazy, all I wear is tee shirts and shorts. However when i actually try I think I'm a good mix between preppy and edgy with a little splash of bold

6. What is your favorite drugstore brand?
Rimmel! I love the foundations, mascaras, nail polishes, eyeliners, basically I love it all.

7.  Curly or straight hair?
I have the curliest hair in the world and as much of a pain as it is... I love it!! 

8. Favorite restaurant?
There is this sushi place by me called Sushi King and I adore it! 

9. How do you relax
I love reading to relax or watching Netflix for hours.

10. Blazers or Leather jackets?
I am all about the leather jackets!

11. Do you own any apple products? 
I surely do! I have a Macbook Pro, an iPhone, an iPhone touch and I really want an iPad mini!

11 Questions I am asking: 
1.  What is your favorite style of sunglasses?
2. Favorite candy?
3. What is your favorite eyeshadow palette?
4. Flats or Heels?
5. What is your favorite dessert?
6. What is your favorite movie?
7. If you had to give up one or the other, what would you give up, Jeans or Skirts?
8. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
9. Place you most want to visit?
10. What is your favorite lipstick color?
11. What is your favorite type of jewelry?

The 11 bloggers I nominate are: 

Kelly Ann











Lots of Love, 

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  1. thanks so much for tagging me! :)

  2. Thanks so much for the nomination love!! :)) I will get on this really soon, within the next few days! Loved all of your answers, we are rather similar :D


    1. you're welcome! and aw really?! maybe thats why I love your blog! xx

  3. You're going to Vidcon?? No way, that's awesome! I wish I could go *sigh* I love Alfie. Haha. x

    1. ME TOO! he is such a cutie I'm really excited :)

  4. thank you for nominating me :) I will get on this! sorry about the late reply I have been studying so I haven't been on here for a while (A first) thank you xx

  5. thanks for nominating me love :D

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