Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New You: 2014 Goals

Hello Everyone! 

I have always found that if I write something down, I am more like to actually keep to it or to at least try to keep to it. Normally, I write it down in my planner or one of my notebooks ( I am actually a notebook junkie). However, this year I thought it would be nice to share them on my blog. I have a few blogging goals and some personal ones. 

Blog Goals:

Get a better camera: This seems like a simple goal but I feel like actually say it will make me save up better for one. I think I might ask for just money for my birthday so I can buy one. Right now, I take pictures with either my iphone or my old camera. Pictures are so important to a blog that I really want to improve on it. 

Blog more OOTD and FOTD: I feel like I don't share enough outfits and face looks on my blog. Partly because I can't get good enough photos. Getting a new camera will definitely help with this and when I do I plan on doing more posts including OOTD and FOTD.

Be more consistent: I want to make a set schedule for blogging. I feel like I blog really randomly and I want to start really planning my posts out. 

Life Goals:

Make Dean's List: I made Dean's List this past semester (woot!) and I really want to make it against for the spring semester. There is really nothing better than seeing yourself do well in school. 

Travel more: I feel like I get into slumps when I don't travel. I feel like I end up feeling trapped or just bored. I want to travel again maybe go to Europe, California or just anywhere really.

Lose a few pounds: I am a girl and like every girl, every year I want to lose a few pounds. I think it is more about getting active and eating better than actually losing weight. I just to feel healthier and treat my body better. 

Spend less: I am a shopaholic and I also eat out a lot (college student problems). I feel like if I want to travel and get some more expensive things like a new camera, I need to start saving more and spending less. 

What ares some of your goals for 2014?
Lots of Love, 

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