Monday, November 18, 2013

Holiday Gift Sets

Hi Guys!

Drugstores around this time a year are my absolute favorite! Not only do a lot of  drugstore companies come out with holiday special products that always smell amazing but they also come out with gift sets. These gift sets are always great value! Most are only about ten dollars and value close to twenty dollars. I know they are suppose to be gift sets but I can't help but buy at least one or two each year for myself. Walgreens and Walmart are my two favorite stores for this! 

So far this year, I have only picked up one. It is the Ultimate Shine Collection by Suave. I have always had my eye on their Moroccan Argan Styling Oil which selling by itself by $6.99 at Walgreens. So when I saw it in this gift set, I couldn't help myself. For three extra dollars, I also got a shampoo, conditioner and deep shine mask. I don't know about you but I definitely think this is a steal! Plus it comes with a dollar off coupon for nay Suave body product. I am really excited to give all these products a try! 

I also saw gift sets by Herbal Essence, Olay, Elf, Clean&Clear and many more! I am definitely going to be picking up another one for myself and possibly a few as gifts! 

What;s your favorite thing at the drugstore during the holiday season? 

Lots of Love
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