Saturday, December 20, 2014

NYE Outfit Ideas

New Years is such a fun holiday filled with cocktail dresses, old friends and lots of music. It is the holiday for which you can get super dressed up for and no one will think twice. Looking back on all my New Years outfits, they are always the same- short little, often back cocktail dresses. This year I thought it would be fun to dress a little different so I've come up with three outfit ideas that I think are perfect for New Years but are a little different from the normal back cocktail dress.

new years eve outfits

1) The first look I think would be great for NYE is a red playsuit with black and gold accessories. Red is such a bright festive color and I think it would be awesome for New Years Eve. This particular red playsuit from New Look has a lace back accent which is so pretty and feminine . I think black platform boots, a gold bangle and a black and gold clutch would be perfectly accessory this. This look is a perfect combination of girly and edgy. 

2) I think glitter dresses are always a big thing for New Years Eve but I think glitter skirts are under appreciated for New Years Eve. I really like the rose gold one from Alica and Olivia because it is such a great pencil length (Although this one is a little too pricey for me, I would probably look for a dupe in Forever 21). I think with such a statement skirt, it would be best to keep everything simple with a plain black tank, strappy black heels and a little gold necklace and clutch. 

3) My last outfit is a play in the classic little black dress. A leather black dress is a great way to to wear black but be a bit different. I thought it would be fun to add some color with teal pumps and a deep purple black. Lastly, I added little black and gold studs to tie it all together. 

I can't wait for New Years Eve! 

What are you wearing for New Years Eve? 

Lots of Love, 



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