Monday, July 29, 2013

Empties #1

Hi Guys! 
Today I'm going to do my first empties post! I've been trying to do one of these for a while now but I always ended up forgetting and throwing empty products out. This month I've had a lot of empties and I managed to remember to keep them! I'm going to explain what the product claims to do, whether or not I thought it accomplished it/liked it and if I'm going to repurchase it. I hope you guys enjoy!

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Cleanser
Claims: This Cleanser claims to cleanse to purify pores with real fruit extracts. I got this in a set around March. It came with two washes and oil blotting clothes.
Reaction: I don't think this was anything special about this cleanser. It left my skin feeling clean but that's about it. It does smell good though.
Repurchase:  I am definitely going to finish the other wash in this set however, I will not be repurchases it after because it is an okay cleanser but there are better ones out there.

Neutrogena Oil Free Cleansing Wipes
Claim: These wipes claim to sweep away pore clogging dirt and oils in one simple step with the use of 100% naturally derived pink grapefruit extract. Claims to have no greasy residue, so no need to rinse your face after.
Reaction: Oh my gosh, these smell amazing! Anything grapefruit flavored or scented draws me in. These actually work really well at removing dirt however, they do leave a residue. It isn't a greasy one; it is more of a sticky heavy feeling. I always wash my face after or use a toner.
Repurchase: I will not be repurchasing these. I like my other wipes much better ( Simple make up wipes and Pacifica Coconut Water wipes) and they are cheaper as well.

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub
Claim: This scrubs claims to leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and refreshed. You can use this on the body or the face however, I only use it on my face.
Reaction: This is my favorite scrub at the moment. My skin feels baby soft after using this and it does a great job cleaning out my pores. My full review on it can be found HERE .
Repurchase: YES! I am in love with this and I'm going to buy the big bottle of this next time I am in LUSH.

Fair Trade Honey Shampoo
Claim: This shampoo claims to give lustre, volume and moisturize using full of the power of flowers and honey.
Reaction: I love the smell if this, I find honey smells so yummy! This also made my hair really soft and shiny which I love and it weighted my hair down a good amount which is what I want because my hair gets huge. I also think it is great that this bottle is made from recycled plastic.
Repurchase: Yes, I will be repurchasing it but just not right now. I have a few other shampoos I want to try out but I know I will go back to it because it has become one of my all time favorite shampoos.

Rapid Action Pads
Claim: This claims to visibly reduce pimple size and redness in as little as 4 hours.
Reaction: These pads completely dried out my skin. They are super harsh and an extremely strong medicine smell to them that just wasn't pleasant to use. They might work better with someone who has oily skin or a lot of redness but for me, it was just very drying.
Repurchase: No, I will not be buying these again.

Dry Shampoo
Claim: This claims to instantly refresh your hair by getting rid of oily roots, boost volume and leave your hair feeling clean.
Reaction: I really like this product but not for what it is actually suppose to do. I have really curly hair so wearing my hair second day down doesn't really happen. I use this to dirty up my roots a little bit to make it easier to wear half up and half down in second day hair. It is also really good at getting rid of extra shininess that hairspray can give my hair.
Repurchase: Yes, I will be buying this again. I have this right now in a travel size but I will be getting it in a full bottle soon.

Touch of Sparkle Body Wash
Claim: This body wash claims to  gently cleanse skin while leaving it moisturized after the shower. 
Reaction: I thought this was a great wash. It left my skin feels nice and it smells lovely. It did the job it is meant to do really well and was only like 3 dollars.
Repurchase: Yes, Ive actually already rebought it! 

What have you finished lately?
Lots of Love,
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  1. Nifty empties! I haven't tried any of the products that you have listed, but I've heard of great things about the Ocean Salt Scrub! Great post!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  2. I really want to get myself that batiste dry shampoo. Heard great things about it.

    The Caribbean Flower

  3. awesome post. I really wanna try lush products.

  4. I love empties posts!


  5. I always forget to keep my empty products.

    I recently used up a Lakme eyeliner that I am very fond of.


    Amina || Blog ||Oh Just One More||

    1. I haven't tried that eyeliner yet maybe ill look at it! Thanks so much xx

  6. I love Dry Shampoo, so simple but such a necessity! I've just run out of Shampoo & Conditioner so currently looking to try a different one, thinking maybe Aussie!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

    1. Aussie products always smell amazing! Thanks so much xx

  7. Great idea to do the post about empties!

    1. Thanks so much! Took a while to keep all the empty bottles xx

  8. Oh I love the look of the Clean & Clear cleanser, the packaging is gorgeous... and I bet it's amazing xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie ♥

  9. Always enjoy a good empties post :D
    Thanks for visiting my blog by the way, I'm following you on GFC & Bloglovin <3


  10. Love your empties Rena!!
    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Have a look :D

    Kelly ||

  11. I've heard so much about the Sea Salt Scrub, I just need to get it! And i absolutely LOVe the dry shampoo! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. You should def get it! It is amazing! thanks so much xx

  12. I always forget and throw things out too! haha.
    I like the Batiste dry shampoo but haven't tried any of the other products.

    Hannah x


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